The 10 German Fashion Designers You Should Know (May 2018)

“Germany is known for its innovation and sophisticated design, and these attributes are evident in many of the country’s pursuits, from the motor industry to fashion. The country boasts an enormous number of creative legends, up-and-coming designers and home-grown talent. Here, we meet 10 of Germany’s best designers.

Margot Buchheit | IAMKILOGRAM

IAMKILOGRAM is an independent, Berlin-based fashion label founded in 2017 by Margot Buchheit, the label’s artistic director. Creativity, colour and uniqueness are at the core of IAMKILOGRAM’s ethos. The brand launched its first avant garde streetwear collection in October 2017 via the label’s web shop. Designing outfits from vintage sports jerseys, scarves and other secondhand materials, the label produces outfits that can’t be replicated. The label is run entirely out of Berlin, with its concept, creation and production all taking place at a studio in the city; they also source their raw materials locally.”

The Culture trip – May 2018

The 10 German Fashion Designers You Should Know

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