“Borders are something good, aren’t they? They make us know where one thing ends. And where another thing starts. If you like to break borders and walk over them – like we do- they are nothing more but a painted white line under our feet. A line willing to show us where we are right, and where we are totally wrong.

Fashion has these borders too. A man wears this. A woman that. Here it’s pants, there it’s blouses and skirts. Actually pretty easy.

But, what if you can’t feel at home in the intended catgory? What if you find out that the other side of the border offers so much more opportunities to express and realize your personality with clothes?

We love to cross borders. We quickly found out that the one side – our side – simply isn’t enough. Too much beauty, diversity and matches are happening on the other side.

Not to mention the area between the borders and on them. Where everything appears a bit blurry and unclear. Where you can’t distinguish. Are not meant to distinguish.

This is the place where the designers from NO CURE APPAREL and IAMKILOGRAM_2.8kg are at home. Both brands are located in Berlin. But none of them is german. Both labels were founded by women, but never got stuck on one single side of the border. Both labels do exactly what we wish to get out of fashion: they universalize. They literally trample on the borderline and blur the differencies between this side and the other to create something new: fashion free from gender and definitions.

We instantly fell in love with with the creations of these two masterminds. Simple thing, since their understanding of fashion offers us and a lot of people outside in the world the chance to give a shit on borders. To find your very own way. A way the repeatedly leads you to cross the borders over and over again.

Diversity is a frequnetly used word in these days. But much too often comes nothing real out of naming it. To really implement and live diversity is rather rare. Margo /designer and founder of IAMKILOGRAM_2.8kg) and Jasmine (designer and founder of NO CURE APPAREL) breathe this term in and out. And you can see it from the very first look onto their creations.

This two talents decided to take the harder way into the fashion industry. Way aside of the commercial opportunities inside of gender-based categories they live their fashion. Free of any conventions and stereotypes they create a totally new image of men and women, in which everyone can wear everything.

I_AM_KILOGRAM_2.0 is characterized by their unique street couture creations. Most of the pieces exist only one time. One off unisex fashion pieces that no other can call his own. Margo’s specialty: she reworks old street- and sportswear pieces to something completely new. She breathes new life into old basketball- and poloshirts, becoming part of a dress or pants.

Her design vocabulary breaks away from everything we have known before. She conjures unique silhouettes, tears our familiar image of shapes and figures apart to rebuild it as something new and unknown. Some pieces sparkle and glitter, are tight and wide at the same time. She uses different materials, patterns and fabrics and mixes them up without any sense of mercy. She destroys your conventional thinking of fashion.

Both brands have one very important thing in common. Fashion woks great without genders and borders. Both brands create super futuristic fashion, gving us a glimpse of what we can expect coming up. The ideal fashion message: universal, individual and diverse. No matter if you are a male wearing a dress or a woman in a masculine parka.

It is about discovering fashion for your very own self. To play with it and to experience what it feels like to trample on the borders. To finally wear only what expresses you best. Nevermind from which side of the border you came. THIS is living diversity.”

For Sinners, Not For Saints (June 2018)


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